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Sfrutta il tuo tempo al meglio! See you soon, cheers! Hai una sola opportunità! Overall it was a normal dining experience.

The restaurant is beautiful! Definitely a great place for a special occasion, just bring plenty of cash if you are a big drinker, as it adds up quickly. The food is really mouth watering. It was my favorite part of the meal. Le Cirque was wonderful at our restaurant week visit.

Maybe the waiter knew we made our reservation from a promotion for Restaurant Week. How else to explain the poor service and being rushed to order. Friends came from out of town and we certainly approached our visit to this storied restaurant with much anticipation. But in addition to the unfriendly service the food was average at best.

The salmon entrée was small and not very flavorful. Vegetables served with it were shriveled. I wouldn't go back. I went to Le Cirque during restaurant week, and I can't tell if they were just too busy, or if I would have had the same experience on a regular night.

Since this was my first time, I have nothing to compare it to. All I know is that LeCirque was a restaurant I've been wanting to try for years, and now that I've been, I'm not sure I need to go back. Don't get me wrong, everything was good. But, I think I went assuming my expectations would be far exceeded, but they just weren't.

To me, this was like any other good restaurant. But nothing stood out as spectacular. I will say the truffle risotto was delicious, and both the creme brulee, and the chocolate fondant were superb. But, nothing else really wowed me. It was our first time at this famous restaurant--and it surpassed our expectations! The level of service is extraordinary--everyone was quietly, efficiently attentive without being fawning--the food was delicious--the ambience was wonderful--I look forward to going back again!

Outstanding food, fine service, very pleasant atmosphere and - much appreciated - not too noisy. I plan to return. Very good for leisurely dining. We had a great Restaurant Week experience.

Service was wonderful and food was very good. If it wasn't for the Restaurant Week promotion, I would not have tried this restaurant. The food was OK only. Best part was the dessert. Service was professional but cold: Regular menu is definitely overpriced for this kind of so-so food. There are a lot more high end restaurants in NYC with better food and better pricing and better service. I would not go back again, even for Restaurant Week. And I would not recommend it. Waiter was obviously not happy to be there and was rude.

Possibly French But he was tipped well and should have been more polite. We didn't have time to change So our attire could have been an issue but in my opinion a restaurant Shouldn't hold it against u or be rude, if they want to make any money.

Le Cirque has always been on my list of restaurants to try. How convenient they were part of restaurant week. Service was inconsistent wine was quick to come- waiter not so much. Sides arrived after we finished our meal and honestly were just ok. So was the entree- just ok. Dessert came out- coffee followed much later. After which we were ignored. Flagged down our waiter and we hopped. All in all not the amazing experience that you would expect with LeCirque's fame and reputation Most food was delicious but the Vichysoise was creamy and nothing else.

Service was very good but not outstanding. Could not catch the waiter's eye easily. Had to ask for more water and bread, then the butter separately. Atmosphere was quiet and elegant but decor is really nothing special other that being spacious. All in all a lovely lunch but not outstanding.

Was this because we orded from the Restaurant Week menu. Lovely setting in the Bloomberg Building with a private entrance reachable by cab. Building's impressive architecture is lit by colored lights. Entrance to restaurant is breathtaking with very high ceilings, and red lights surrounding the bar. Restaurant is luxurious yet comfortable. Restaurant Week menu was delicious, with a truffle oil risotto appetizer, cod entree and chocolate cake dessert.

Enjoyed Le Cirque immensely. We were very excited to finally get a chance to try Le Cirque, it being as legendary as it is in New York City The location is beautiful, the pictures of the past guests are great conversation starters, the wine "room" is so much fun! But those really were the highlights of our night. The hostesses were cold, the Maitre D'Hotel did not welcome us, our server was rude. I got my steak without a steak knife, had to ask, and then got an eye roll from our server when I got so frustrated that I had to ask because he was too busy with the table that spending more money then us.

The food was ok, the only thing that stood out was the risotto and the espresso. I would not spend my hard earned money here ever again. I had been very excited about my Restaurant Week dinner at Le Cirque, but I was more disappointed in the end than I thought. The portions were small and there were not many options either. They seated us in a tiny table in the very corner of the restaurant, away from all the ambience.

Our server practically scoffed at my friend for ordering chicken. The creme brulee was excellent, but not enough to save a so-so, small-portioned meal. Enjoyable as an outing, but not a place I feel like I need to seek out again. Most upscale restaurants frown upon guests joining them for their restaurant week menu - Le Cirque was inviting, the food was as phenomenal as ever, and the service was beyond attentive. It has always been a mainstay on the list of New York's top restaurants and a place where we've celebrated special occasions, but it's nice to see how beautifully they treat all of their guests, even during restaurant week.

This is one of the all-time best NY restaurants and experiences. It never ceases to amaze me with impeccable food, service, decor and ambiance. A truly wonderful experience each time! Food was fine to okay; the entrees came in looking like they had been microwaved! Some restaurants like Megu take much better care of their restaurant week diners than Le Cirque, including presentation and quality of the food.

Service was fair; but the sommelier looked grim -- not a welcoming feel. We were also seated in the area next to the bar the main dining area looked like it had better ambiance which felt cold and uninviting. We will not return. Charmless place with charmless people running it. Enjoyed Le Cirque--but perhaps bcause it was Restaurant Week--it was not "up to snuff. Deserts were very tasty.

All in all-our two Grand-children new to the work-force enjoyed it very much. Ambiance in the main dining room was lovely. The fantastic Le Cirque graciously treated us as restaurant week users for lunch as wonderfully as if we were high rollers. They made special accomodations for my vegetarian son. Every morsel of food was, of course, spectacular except, sadly, for a risotto appetizer that seemed bland to me.

The service was unrushed, but very attentive. We had a very nice experience at Le Cirque. It was my fist time there , my husband had had many business dinners at this reataurant.

I noticed that there was now a less expensive lounge where I will bring friends for lunches. We had a great time. As a foodie, I have been to many fine dining restaurants and understand the importance of good service and guests should not be rushed. However, I went to Le Cirque for lunch and the service was too slow. I ordered a coffee with my dessert because I like to have both simultaneously; however I had to stop eating my dessert half way to wait for my coffee.

I spoke with the waitress and she said it was on it's way. We still had to wait for a good amount of time before the coffee arrived and by that time, most of my ice cream has melted. My other friends also finished their desserts by the time the coffee arrived so that their ice cream would not melt. Everything else was good otherwise. The dining menu speaks for itself: Dined with two couples and we all agreed. The service was atrocious, given the price tag attached to the experience.

The maitre d was just sloppy and so were several of the staff. He barely made eye contact; barked at two hostesses about tables being ready soon, while we waited at the bar to be seated 50 minutes after our reservation time.

When he finally came to escort us to our table, he paused to chat with a customer a regular? The bartenders ignored us for 10 minutes and then scowled service while we quietly smiled. The thing that made the dishes just okay was the fact that we had a pompous waiter. He didn't look at us when he spoke and tried to rush away from the table as soon as possible even though it was not terribly busy because it was a Monday night. I am assuming this is how the staff at Le Cirque treats customers that come in during Restaurant Week but I don't know if I will ever know the difference.

We did however fill out a comment card so hopefully this will change the waiter's attitude for future customers. I went for Restaurant Week and I'm glad I did cause I woudn't want to pay regular prices for the so-so food. Preparations were simple and clean which could be a good thing. On this occasion however the meals weren't far off from what I might whip up on a Tuesday, just with better presentation.

Service was friendly but robotic and lacked enthusiasm. I wouldn't go back but I'm glad I tried it after all these years. Men are required to wear jackets, no children running around or screaming, servers do not remove plates until everyone at the table is done eating and your wine glass is never empty unless you have finished the bottle.

Couple this with outstanding food and exceptional service and this is what fine dining should be. Restaurant Week is the perfect time to sample the delicious fare at Le Cirque.

Excellent food wonderfully prepared. Although we had lunch at Le Cirque during Restaurant Week, we didn't expect the quality of the food or the preparation to be affected.

The prix fixe was very reasonable. Our appetizers and desserts were very good. My entree, chicken had no taste and one of the two pieces was tough. My friend ordered hangar steak and although very flavorful was tough. We also noticed someone at the next table having trouble cutting the same entree. The room was lovely and considering the number of dines was not loud at all. Unfortunately at their regular prices, we would not go back. My friends and I had the Restaurant Week prix fix menu.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the hanger steak and cod entrees and opted to try 4 of the desserts. The strawberry composition with the basil ice cream was refreshing and the creme brûlée had the perfect caramelization. The other 2 desserts, the chocolate lava cake and the berry cornbread was alright but did not stand out. Would definitely recommend coming back to try full menu.

Put on a nice outfit and run to Le Cirque during restaurant week. It has been the best meal out of 5 french restaurants offering a discounted lunch until mid-August. I took my mother and aunt to Le Cirque as a belated Mother's Day gift. The hope was to experience a little bit of France in New York City.

Le Cirque did not disappoint! Their Restaurant Week menu had a lovely selection of foods, including a delightful risotto with shaved truffles for an appetizer, and a salmon with bagna cauda, which was prepared perfectly. For dessert, the classic creme brûlée was divine; the crunchy burnt sugar hid a creamy, vanilla custard that made me want to scrape the lettering off of the dish!

The staff was very attentive without getting pushy, and we felt very special and elegant sitting in a room that's theme has monkeys in it! It was a classy restaurant, and I wouldn't hesitate to come back again.

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